Jan William Drnek

(b. 20. 6. 1960 in Strakonice)

Creating a faithful digital copy of Mucha’s Slav Epic was a task not only for a professional of the highest precision, but also for an enthusiast for the smallest detail. Jan William Drnek’s extensive experience with large-format high resolution photos, along with the aforementioned qualities was the perfect fit.

Although having studied cybernetics and establishing a successful sign making business, Drnek’s hobby since childhood was Photography. Drnek’s photographs place the viewer in the moment – whether they are panoramas of nature, portraits of people, animals in the wild or snapshots of exceptional events. Large photo formats and their precise processing and printing enhance the impression of the painting.

The art of capturing the magic of the moment

John „Wild“ Drnek likes to travel alot. In 2007 he traveled through South America and a year later he photographed the nature and inhabitants of Africa. Three unique exhibitions of WILD AMERICA, WILD AFRICA and Genius loci were created. He also publishes his photographs in travel journals and books (his photos can be found in books about the Old Town Astronomical Clock, Český Krumlov and Karlštejn). In addition to taking pictures himself Drnek passes on his experience in photographic workshops and publishes technical texts on colour management. He is also currently a lecturer at Prague College.

Jan William Drnek occasionally shoots unique events such as the Pope’s visit or a unique project titled Talking Glass that blended designer Bořek Šípka and didgeridoo musician Ondřej Smeykala. His photographs completed the whole project from the joint work of two artists so that the visitor was drawn into the creative atmosphere of the meeting. Large-format photography requires patience, mathematical thinking and love for great works.

The participation of Jan William Drnek in the digitisation of The Slav Epic confirms that there are no small formats for the great man with a passion for detail and image accuracy.

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