About Us

We are the community of Alphonse Mucha fans…

We established www.art-mucha.com out of a collective passion for, arguably, the Czech Republic’s most famous painter, Alphonse Mucha. We wanted to create a website where we could keep people up-to-date with current news and events surrounding the much celebrated Czech artist, but with a community focus. Somewhere that like minded Mucha fans could share opinions, experiences and their own updates of current exhibitions, events and happenings involving the works of the artist.

Here you’ll find a brief history of Mucha’s beginnings, his life and key works culminating with his biggest and most patriotic undertaking, The Slav Epic. We’ll keep you updated with The Slav Epic’s current location and possible future home in Prague. But the Slav Epic wasn’t Mucha’s only creation, of course – we’ll keep you informed of current exhibitions and events incorporating his other numerous works and provide a platform for you to share your opinions, experiences and any ideas you might have.